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Sunday, November 10, 2019

I am working on part 2 to Lukewarm Saint

I am working on part 2 of Lukewarm Saint. My friend, Tammy Harris has kept her foot to my behind for a few years now, asking when the new book would be done. I am doing just that. Getting "Lukewarm Saint 2: Fox in the Hen House" ready.
I am going to finish this soon. I am up now about to shut after getting some work in tonight.

Here a little from the book: 
Climbing into his car, Kevin's mind is trying to take in the day's events. From Michelle to Pastor Ray Kevin's thought, wonder about what he is going to do. Before another idea could make it to the surface, his phone rings. Looking at his phone, he sees the name Lori, New Jersey. Leaning his truck's seat back, Kevin places his earpiece into his ears and prepares to answer the call."Hello, Love," Kevin says as his voice gets softer as he speaks into his phone.A soft sensual voice responds.Hey, Baby, how are you? Just laying here thinking of you. I pray all is well sexy?The voice belongs to Lori, a member of Trenton Baptist church. She is the leader of the singles ministry of her church. Her tone is one of eagerness.Sounds great sexy; what were you thinking about. I hope something nice. Kevin says.There is a subtle pause, and Lori responds.Let's just say I am lying here with no clothes on thinking of the last time you came by. I can still smell that oil you wear. I am also thinking about next weekend. I can't wait to see you. I also needed to reach out, so I know what to buy when I go shopping. I am going to cook for you this time instead of ordering delivery food. How's that sound? Lori purrs.Kevin leans forward in his seat and looks around as if people are listening to his phone conversations. He rubs his chin as he thinks of what to say in response to what was Lori has offered.Damn girl, it's too early in the day to be talking nasty like that. But to answer your question, yes, I'll be over after I finish at the church. I am not sure what time the service will be over. Whatever time that is, afterward, I'll stop by for something to eat and whatever you're serving for dinner. Kevin says while laughing playfully.Ohhhh, so who's being nasty now? You're going to spend the night this time or are you driving home? I read there is no school next Monday for teachers in New York. This gives you a reason to spend the weekend together, which will provide us with much more time. I am sure there are a few things you can teach me at that time. Don't you think? Lori asks while giggling into the phone.OK, bad girl, I see you have it all planned out. Well, I don't see that being a problem. I have the meeting with your pastor and the church board after service. So once I am done, it's looking good for us to hook up. Just make sure people aren't in your business when you leave after service. Last time I swear the sister who does the greetings was on to us. That is, the last thing I need right now is having all this blow up in my face with the new position with the church. Kevin says with a hint of concern in his voice.
If you haven't read the 1st book you can stop by my website to pick it up

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