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Saturday, May 26, 2018

2 New Poems. Its been 7 years since I penned anything.

Been sitting around considering all the emotions I deal with on a daily basis. I am a person who absorbs much of what the world hands out and in my speaking and writing its returned to the world cleaned and filtered. So I've had an itching to write some poetry just to let that side of my brain take the wheel with all that I am working on. I hope you enjoy these two short pieces. Its been a minute so bear with me. I am going to record them later.

Young Man Do You Hear me
You fake it daily, getting people to believe your living life as Master or King.
Your crew celebrates each moment, triumph, or conquest, missing that is was all an ego driven thing.
 With your chest puffed out you feel the world has to bend to your selfish whims
Folks don’t see the uneasy feeling carried while you refuse to let anyone in.
 Your lady begs to get close to what makes you the man you claim.
What she doesn’t know is the dude she wants and the real you aren’t the same.
 You got the world thinking you’re on the level of one of the R&B catz like Trey Songz.
They don’t see hidden just past your eyes is a little boy who was done wrong.
 Your bed game is like a narcotic or hard liquor which you feed women to help you get over.
However, real women soon grow hip to your smooth sheet play and abstain remaining sexually sober.
 In all, the boy behind the wheel of the vehicle you call life won’t change until he matures and is put in check, and somehow offered love.
Sadly, the world we live in would have you believe no help will come for changing or from above.
 You see my dude, for many of you its near-death when you begin to understand and possible start to see.
Why I named this “Young Man Do You Hear Me.”

 Check Your Hate 
Our bodies move in ways you can only dream yours could. Instead of competing you cheat to try to stop me.
Your panic from a deep-rooted burden causes you to change the laws and create an uneasiness to be close to anyone who looks like me.
How many deaths from so-called accidents, video lynchings, or I feard for my life situations will you try to feed the masses as you slowly attempt to decrease the number of people who look like me
My Queens and children are mere objects for your pleasure, rag dolls, or lifesize toys for your amusement. You act like you don’t understand their bond with me.
In my schools, you attempt to limit my understanding of history, do all you can to keep it hidden from me.
Your wealth is the stolen returns from forced labor, but you act as if you earned it yet when I ask for a share of the blood coins, you can’t hear and worse ignore me.
Even my faith has been tainted, in your attempts to sell us God is everywhere and looks like everyone expect the pictures you hang up look like you. Here’s  what I know, the true living God sees all and will avenge meYou Won’t, Erratic Me, Passify Me, Continue to Rape me. You will be forced to deal with Me.

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