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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mothers Day 2020

Happy Mothers to all of the mothers, grandmothers, caregivers who make it a daily occurrence take care of their families. If you have lost your mother, grandmother or caregiver accept this virtual hug to help ease the pain caused by today.

Here is a poem I created as a gift for my mother many years ago, it can be found in my book "A Man in Transition"

I Love You, Queen

The essence of what I am started deep inside of you when the Lord set me in place.
Your choice to have me was the first of many that would lead my steps
Those late-night talks and listening to you pray for me touched me inside you long before I could see you to return the favor.

My suckling was our period of bonding, who knew it was healing you.
My cries were soothed with the beating of your heart along with the soft notes of a song from your lips.
The constant encouragement to venture on my own made me brave enough to step and fall, but I learned.
Now its outside and a new fear begins, but your teaching was clear as I make friends, smiling as I have been taught.

You say go ahead, I'll be here at the end of the day, my world is shaken but I hear, this is growth, and education shouldn't be feared is whispered in my ear.
With each cap and gown and picture day, I am becoming a man, because of the woman you are.
My legs stretch and my arms lengthen, my face eases past yours as now I look down at the center of my universe.

My mind is confused and my body feels stranger, you have the answers my manly eyes are opening.
You point out class is internal and trash is external so I understand what you meant when you said Self Respect is not an option.
Your face frowns as you look her over, you feel challenged but she is not and will not be you. I am growing and you got me here for a reason.

Now I stand proud and humble, the Lord smiles at the job you’ve done.
I have blessed this world with heirs and you are the roots of our tree.
My feelings for you are still the same as that little boy who you didn't help who fell and cried out for you, now this man understands why you didn't run to pick him, for doing so I say to you,

I LOVE YOU, QUEEN, by Keith K. L. Belvin

*This was dedicated to my mother who I am lucky enough to still have. It also goes out to all the sisters trying to raise boys to men. You are not forgotten. We love you and do not give up. We will turn into the men you dreamt of us to be. *

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